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We provide all kinds of equipment for food and beverage industry. Especially for the production of long-life milk UHT and juice filling + filling + Packaging Equipment (second hand Tetra Pak and similar brand machines) have been serving our clients on a project basis.

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We provide our customers needs in food and beverage industry with packaging materials. Especially long-lasting needs of the beverage industry multilayer aseptic cartons (Tetra Pak, IPI, or different brand filling machines), PET plastic and flexible packaging we supply to our customers.

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Raw materials needed for the food and beverage industry; concentrate, flavours, milk powder we have the supply of such products in the same industry with international experience we offer our customers.

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  • 19Feb
  • Experience Our company experince in the beverage industry; juice and UHT milk market supply used Tetrapak,…


International competition is very strong nowadays, companies engaged in the production of high quality equipment and materials to provide the most competitive conditions has been crucial. Muse Food Technology Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Asia with customers by sharing its experience in the market compete with the competitors in them provide more advantageous opportunities.